publicity, promotions, product launches

We work with the latest trends to help make certain that your product or promotion is newsworthy to secure you immediate media coverage. Working together, we can create the right buzz about your product or promotion by understanding your target customers.View Our Portfolio

openings + special events

Our on going relationship with various media and press outlets has helped our clients get maximum media coverage. CBH Communications actively seeks out and works with our clients to develop cross promotional opportunities aimed at both keeping event costs at a minimum and building lasting partnerships to increase your brand’s audience. From opening some of the city’s hottest restaurants to the glitzy unveiling of retail destinations, CBH Communications works tirelessly to ensure our clients gain maximum media coverage surrounding their launch.View our portfolio

brand identity

CBH Communications offers clients brand consulting and identity design. We work with you to make your product stand out from the competition. Our approach to brand identity combines visual and intellectual smarts that address key design objectives in order to communicate effectively to the intended audience.View our portfolio

what we do

CBH Communications is a proactive full-service public relations company with expertise in developing and executing special events, openings, and product launches, and obtaining positive media coverage. We have strong, longstanding relationships with major members of the media in various industries and close editorial contacts locally and nationally. Our successful record of on-going public relations expertise is the result of our combined organizational and creative talents.

public relations

We help clients create and develop both their brand identity and image and market it to the media as well as perspective clients. Our job is to get people talking – talking about you. Our experience is a showcase of the region’s premier restaurants, boutiques, beauty and other hospitality clients. We work with all size businesses, from your mom and pop corner shop to international corporations. Our strong relationships with local, regional, national provide us with the ability to deliver our clients’ message to the audiences they need to reach. View Our Portfolio

media and community outreach

CBH Communications has ongoing relationships with various local and national specialists including, but not limited to: media and press outlets, photographers and market researchers. We work with our clients to introduce them to key media, businesses and community constituents – helping to raise both their profile and bottom line. Our outreach extends from contacting writers and media producers to pitching an event, story or location, to writing a media release or even putting on an event that showcases your business. All methods are very effective and are customized here at CBH Communications to meet the individual needs of our clients.View Our Portfolio

non-traditional public relations services

CBH Communications goes above and beyond other public relations firms, working as an extension of your business and providing untraditional services such as menu consultation and engineering (both cocktail and food), facilitation of ‘buzz’ worthy employees (that “it” bartender for example) as well as graphic design (including logos).View Our Portfolio